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Libara said:
ResilientFighter said:

Thats bullshit 

High sales on a game or twitter followers and YouTube content creating is not equivalent to high viewers of the most acclaimed award show in gaming. How many oscars did the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time get in total? In sports as another example the MVP does not always win the championship or even make it to the final match they win it based on talent shown that year. The award means a ton to them because its from the biggest award giver they are not working hard to get the award from a small magazine or newspaper just like game devs from all around the world say their goal is to win the game award trophies just like monster hunter world devs said last night 

The game awards is so fucking important that it managed to get sony nintendo and xbox to join together on stage and tell everyone we are all United no matter what console you play on. 

Clever? Whatever makes you guys happy it won't change the facts God of War is GOTY 2018 and it beat none other than monster sales red dead redemption 2 

The game awards is still regarded by many as a bit of a joke, yea its good fun to watch and there are some good reveals but its no where near the levels of oscars. At the end of the day RDR2 outscored GoW on both Meta and opencritic, but that didnt dictate it. Just opinions, stop trying to make the the game awards something it's not just because your prefered game won.

Stop downplaying the game awards just because a game you dont like and didnt even played Wins the Two most important awards