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couchmonkey said:
Bandorr said:
Oh that's easy. DQ 11. By miles.

The exploring in octopath was very awkward. The grinding was god awful. The quests were strange to complete. Starting them, finding out where to go what to do, finishing them etc. And because there was 8 stories, the story was generally just subpar. Some good, some quite bad.

Big fan of the subjob, and the arch-sub jobs.

But yeah I think DQ 11 beats octopath in every possible category.

grinding - true, and te figts are also toooo long to try to emphasize the break system, I guess.

quests are weird - huh? Are you saying the game was unclear on the location of quest objectives?

8 stories - this is exactly what I love about Octopath, however, I am not playing completionist, boring stories may be skipped (still only on Chapter 3) Weird to hear people trashing story opposite Dragon Quest, imo. I have played 1, 4, 6, and 9...didn't find any to be mega story games, but perhaps 11 is different. Wish I could say I have played 11 tho, it could indeed be better than Octopath, 9 was amazing.

For me, Octopath is the first JRPG I have played since FF6 that is more about roleplaying than guiding a cast of characters through an anime plot.  The only other experience like it was Dragon Quest IV, and I really like this style of rpg.

I didn't quite get the quests.  Like once I got it I wasn't clear where the next stop was, who to talk to, or which "skill" was needed to do it.  The stealing ones, and talking ones were easy. The fighting ones or taking people one I didn't get.

My one biggest complaint is that not everyone is getting exp. I'm used to people getting half or a quarter or whatever -but none?  It lead to a lot of unnatural grinding just to keep people I didn't care for that much up to level to actually do their dungeon.

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