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LipeJJ said:
Bristow9091 said:

Just like Cloud in Smash means Final Fantasy VII on Wii-U, oh wait... but Cloud in Smash means Final Fantasy VII on Swi-oh...

Okay I'll give you that though, Final Fantasy VII IS coming to the Switch, so there's always the chance Persona 5 will too lol :P 

As for all the announcements, honestly the big surprise for me was Ultimate Alliance 3, especially being Switch exclusive! I mean, it makes sense since it's best played local co-op, and the Switch is basically made for that, and as a huge fan of the series I'd buy it regardless of if it was exclusive to a platform I own or not anyway, so yeah, win-win! :D

To be fair, Final Fantasy VII Remake haven't even released on its announced platform tho (and might never do actually).

OT: I completely disagree. Their presence was decent, but far from the best they've shown there in previous years. If you're not a Smash fan, you're left with some good third party announcements, and that's it.

They didn't announce a single game there, or even showcased a previously announced game... I think that's far from knocking it out of the park in my opinion.

PS: But I totally agree that the event made 2019 look even brighter for Switch. 

I was actually talking about the original, but yeah fair point you make there lol, I'm very much doubting we'll see the remake on PS4, it'll be next gen or something, lol.