Final-Fan said:

1.  And if they were passing laws mandating everyone must hose down their trash cans in case they were at risk of catching fire, while doing nothing about electrical problems that caused several known house fires?  I'm talking about priorities and enforcement costs here. 

Again, there are already laws in place about the kind of fraud that's being alleged in N. Carolina.  You're alleging negligence when there's no indication that it's not being taken seriously.

People break the law.  This is not a revelation and my point all along.

I don't have reason to believe there are tens of thousands of such blockages for every fraud prevention, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised to learn that it was somewhere in the low thousands, and I am sure it's in the hundreds.  If true, would that be worth it?  If you had to make a wild guess, where would you put the ratio of voters discouraged from voting to fraudsters discouraged from frauding?

The information is incomplete.

2.  The ballots have to show up somewhere.  Why can't they more closely monitor these collection points for hundreds of ballots coming from the same place?

I assume they were dropped in any of thousands of public USPS mailboxes.  Most of which aren't monitored at all.  None of which are tracked from point of origin that I'm aware of beyond the post office it arrived in.

Good catch on the ballot harvesting being illegal, but it doesn't invalidate my point that the system didn't itself catch the fact that so many mail-in ballots went missing.  Perhaps it would have done so in time, but that's not the impression I had.  If that impression is correct that's an area of improvement.

My understanding is that they did catch on and were investigating the matter, even going so far as contacting voters who had absentee ballots but hadn't voted and asking them about it.  The state was not acting passively.

2-2.  "Voting fraud never happens" is a pretty gross oversimplification that I doubt any judges believe, even if some members of the public do.

The gross oversimplification seems to have gained traction in higher circles.