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- I'm currently going through the new content from Kirby Star Allies 3rd Update, but I'm also doing a playthrough of Xenoblade X on WiiU.
-Sadly I've completed only Star Fox 64 3D .... unless you wanna count Deltarune 1st Chapter as one ... I also need to complete my playthrough of Starlink.
- Planning to go back completing Starlink, same with Breath of the Wild which I'm on the fence since last year,lol and then there's obviously SMASH !
- I bought Detective Pikachu during Black Friday's week *smirk*
- A Nintendo Switch Pro controller or a pair of Blue/Red Joycons and Smash Ultimate
- Too much Kirby pictures/artworks to share from my collection :P

Switch Friend Code : 3905-6122-2909