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pokoko said:
shikamaru317 said:

LA Noire is objectively a good game though, it got an 89 on metacritic. Comparing it to say Destiny from this gen, which got a low 70's score on metacritic at release, you can objectively say that LA Noire was a better new IP. Every single new/rebooted IP from my last gen list had a game in the series that meta'd 85 or higher if I'm not mistaken, except for Rage, which got an 81, which is still good, and Wolfenstein, which didn't meta too well on the initial reboot, but did meta much higher on The New Order, which was crossgen. 

Where is your commentary for the first list, though?  Where is the "meh" for RAGE?  LA Noire is probably a dead IP (and rightly so).  Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider were "sales disappointments."  There was no consistency with your list, though I wasn't referencing any post in particular.  

I did an overall commentary for my 7th gen list instead of itemizing it, saying that almost every game on it was subjectively good to amazing for me personally. However, it's not just subjectively good, every series there but one had a 7th gen game that meta'd 80 or higher and almost all of them had a game that meta'd 85 or higher, so you can objectively say it is a good list. 

I didn't consider RAGE to be meh personally, I like it alot in fact. And the critics gave it an 81 meta which is definitely considered to be good. I doubt LA Noire is dead, Take-Two's CEO said they had plans for it just a few years ago, and considering it was a sales and critical success it would be dumb to just let it die. I suspect Rockstar themselves will develop a sequel to it sometime in the future, though probably after Bully 2 and GTA 6.