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Farsala said:
shikamaru317 said:

LA Noire is objectively a good game though, it got a 90 on metacritic. Comparing it to say Destiny from this gen, which got a low 70's score on metacritic at release, you can objectively say that LA Noire was a better new IP. 

Not a chance. It is all subjective. OP includes games like Kane and Lynch (Meta 67), you include games like Just Cause (75 meta), why can't people include Destiny?

Just Cause 2 had an 84 meta, it's not just the first game in the series that decides rather or not it's good. 

I never said people couldn't include Destiny, if you subjectively like it that is fine, but objectively speaking many consider it to be a disappointment, especially the first game. The 2nd game got much higher critic reviews, but the user reviews are still pretty poor. Subjectively I definitely don't like it. I, like many Halo fans, was expecting a singleplayer first, multiplayer second game from Bungie, and Destiny was definitely not that.