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LivingMetal said:

Hi, guys.

In 2019, I'm buying a new PC.  A little history here.  I've been using Macs since 1993.  My current iMac is 9 years old.  Time for an upgrade?  I think so.  I cannot justify the cost of a Mac anymore, and I haven't cared for the layout of the Mac OS since System 8.6.  But I'm making a long story long.  More than likely, I'll be running Windows 10.  Does Window 10 "out of the box" comes with some kind of video capture and editing options?  Obviously, I'll have more gaming options on a PC vs. a Mac, and there is a fair chance I'd like to capture and edit gameplay videos.

You can capture video with Game Bar (press Windows Key + G) in addition to talking pics (press Windows Key+Alt+PrtSc). Might I ask what your specs are looking like?