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Qwark said:
And 2017 is behind 2018 again in total sales. Pretty bad numbers all around for the second week of november.

There will likely be adjustments, but even if there are not, remember that we are five years into the lives of two of these machines. November or not, they aren't going to continue to sell at those same rates.

Kerotan said: 
Megiddo said: 
Well, PS4 ahead in USA first week of November. That already goes very much against what Benji said.

Benji is not npd and he's already admitted his numbers could be well off. 

Ultimately why I don't get the weight put behind his words. Without the data, he is simply guessing. He's been right before, sure, but he has also been wrong before. Others, like Zhuge, are my go-to people for numbers. 

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 28 November 2018