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Pemalite said:
mZuzek said:

Edit: also, honestly I hope they don't go 4K. 1080p is absolutely fine enough in my opinion, and by not upgrading the resolution it means you can have better graphics without nearly as much power - never mind the storage issue.

Resolution itself has absolutely no affect on storage.
PC games from 20 years ago like Half Life 1 can fit on a CD, yet run at 4k.

Everything of mine is 1440P or better these days, rather not make a step backwards, the poor resolution display on the Switch is what is ultimately holding me back from making a snap purchase.

And just because the higher resolution is available, doesn't mean developers are obligated to use it either. - Many Switch games are under 720P.

Resolution doesn't have an effect on storage, but 4K textures do, and heavily so. You know they'll be doing 4K textures if they push 4k, so, there.

720p point is exactly what I'm trying to say. By keeping 1080p as the cap on a more powerful system, it is likely that an increasingly vast majority of the games do run at 1080p while boasting better graphics than they would if they had to render at 4K with 4K textures.

SKMBlake said:
mZuzek said:

They shouldn't make one until 2023-2024 at earliest. When they do, just make it Switch 2. Better hardware, a few new features, still compatible with old games and controllers, done.

Of course, it's Nintendo, so they won't do that.

Yeah, that's exactly what they've done with the Wii and then the Wii U (backwards compatibility, including controllers and a few new features).

Eh... the Wii U was nothing like the Wii, not at all. It had the software/hardware backwards compatibility but was overall a much different product. Had a weird new controller no one understood, an incredibly slow OS that was far worse than the Wii's, and was honestly garbage at doing what the Wii did best - local multiplayer.

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