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epicurean said:
Hiku said:

There's DLC featuring Squad 7 from the first game:
Just skimming through it not wanting to spoil myself, it appears to come with at least one mission.

Then there's DLC featuring Selveria:
I'm mainly interested in getting that one.

And the beach DLC does seem to come with a mission:

Yeah I really wanted the Selvaria one. Wish she would've been in the main game. Kind of makes me want to purchase the original because I think there was one mission where you get to control one of the good guys as a Valkyria (not saying who due to spoilers).

Yeah you get to control a Valkyrie in the main game in Valkyria Chronicles 1. As well as in the DLC.

I think you get to control more than one in this game, but I'm not sure how that's divided between main game and DLC, and I'd rather find out for myself once I play it.
But even by skimming through some of these DLC's, I'm interested in the Squad 7 and Selveria ones.

Last edited by Hiku - on 26 November 2018