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Wyrdness said:
mZuzek said:

Quite a shame about Dystifyzer, it was far and away the best channel on YouTube for videogame soundtracks. Not so much of a shame about Crunchii lol. But it what the right thing to do from Nintendo's point of view.

Best watch out as apparent cutscene footage is popping up in places, some people on social media are claiming that some of their locals are already hosting mini tournaments with $30 entrance fees this leak is insane and likely going to get to Sakurai.

Yeah, I know the leaks are crazy. I haven't been openly checking social media, not that I do too much of that normally. It's getting here, too - a friend of mine (our local TO) was just talking about how this random SFV player has the game on a hacked Switch and was trying to get him to invite us to play it somewhere. He also said the TO team from São Paulo are playing it (hardly surprising coming from them). It's quite rampant, yeah.