Runa216 said:
John2290 said:

"Vastly superior experience". Thanks for the laugh. 

A better way to phrase it would be it's slightly better but not a slightly better experience, just slightly better. It's the same as saying GTA5 was vastly better experience on ps4 than ps3 or vastly better experience Xbox 1 than x360 and having played all but the x1 version I can definetively say even with first person mode and the doubled FPS along with all the improvments it was just slightly better. Not a better experience just slightly better. The x1x version is slightly better to a much smaller degree (MUCH smaller than that example), one that is not noticeable unless you put them side by side. 


Again, thank you for the chuckle. 

100% true. 

Graphics have gotten so good that I don't think there's anywhere to go outside of VR/Hologram play. I know we said 20 years ago that some games looked 'photorealistic', but we knew that was just a phrase meaning it imitated life well; nobody actually thought Snake looked like a real person. 

But now? We have Ellie and Joel and Arthur Morgan and Nathan Drake and various other characters that look so close to real that there's not really much of a point in focusing more effort on graphics. All we can do now is work on framerate, performance, optimization, and resolution. Even then, the difference between HD and UHD isn't that much of a difference. Much like the shift from DVD to Blu-Ray, the difference isn't that big. It's there, you can see it, but I wouldn't say that it enhances the experience. 

I'd be happy if we had the PS4/Switch/Xbox One forever but I know that won't happen. Then again, two of my top 5 favorite games this year have been Octopath Traveler and Mega Man 11, so what do I know about graphical fidelity? 

I wouldn't say that exactly, my intent was concerning such small improvements for the same game and if it ups the experience or not for RDR2 and some remasters like GTA5 specifically. A difference in graphics and FPS can drastically alter the experience but just not here. For example, Dark souls RM and the shoddy Blight town. That is experience changing.

And, While I agree anti alisiasing has gone far enough as well as resolution at native 4k, I think there is more areas graphics can evolve in. HDR can improve but that is mostly on display manufacturers, FPS can ALWAYS improve until it gets to 144 fps or even higher which is where it starts to become not so notable to warrent more power even though 240 is about it's peak of usefulness. Things such as Ray tracing will make the biggest improvments though but seems to be much to infantile yet for even PC's much less consoles. Yeah, great games can be made with lesser graphics than RDR2 or Horizon as long as AA is matched with good art style however graphics can and will improve. The small details can always make things better and with engines constantly improving those small details can be added in more quickly as time goes on. 

We kept saying there's no way they can improve last gen either but look where we are now.