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Quarter-Finals Bonus Round developers and some of their more well-known games/series:

Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto series, Manhunt, Red Dead Redemption 2, Max Payne 3, Lemmings series)

Atlus (Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona series, Devil Summoner series, Etrian Odyssey series, etc.)

FromSoftware (Souls series, Bloodborne, Armored Core series, King's Field series)

Intelligent Systems (Fire Emblem series, Advance Wars series, Paper Mario series, co-developer WarioWare series)

Team Ico (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian)

Bethesda Game Studios (Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls series)

Monolith Soft (Xenoblade Chronicles series, Project X Zone series, Xnosaga series)

Capcom (Mega Man series, Street Fighter series, Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry series, Monster Hunter series, and many more)


Quarter-Finals Round 4 results:


BioWare 43 4.84%
Capcom 117 13.18%
Santa Monica Studio 256 28.83%
CD Projekt Red 158 17.79%
Sega 62 6.98%
Monolith Soft 145 16.33%
Retro Studios 107 12.05%
Last edited by Machina - on 24 November 2018