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Poliwrathlord said:
I think that if this games existed, it would be the smallest roster of characters ever in a fighting game.

True, Microsoft needs to up it's game when using the characters it's acquired but almost never used.

Here's what they gave Banjo-Kazooie for their 20th anniversary; Basically nothing.

But on the topic of roster, it would go like this.

From BattleToads:




-Big Blag

-Dark Queen

From Banjo-Kazooie:

-Banjo and Kazooie

-Mumbo Jumbo

-Humba Wumba




From Killer Instinct:



-TJ Combo




From Viva Pinata:


-Professor Pester

From Perfect Dark:

-Joana Dark


-Mr. Blonde

From Conker's Bad Fur Day:




-Don Weaso


From other Rare games:

-Juno (Jet Force Gemini)

-Sabreman (Saberman games)

-J-Bomb (Blast Corps)

From Halo:

-Master Chief

-Sgt. Johnson




From Gears of War:

-Marcus Fenix

-Anya Stroud

-Dom Santiago

-Kait Diaz

-General RAMM

-Queen Myrrah

From other Microsoft owned games:

-Vince (Voodoo Vince)

-Ori (Ori and The Blind Forest)