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Fallout 76 - an online multiplayer take on the franchise - was not expected to sell as strongly as Fallout 4. Of course, any new game from Bethesda Game Studios is still a major release, yet this title has got off to a slow start. Fallout 76 debuts at No.3, and sales are down 82.4 per cent compared with the previous game in the franchise - 2015's Fallout 4.

Even so, due to its higher retail price, Fallout 76 was actually the game that generated the most revenue at UK retail last week. Because of its budget price, Spyro was actually No.3 in the revenue charts.

As the article mention, with this being a spin off of sorts, a drop was to be expected. But that is a huge drop! Digital is certainly not going to make up that drop. I guess the bugs and rough beta is eating away at the sales. It will be interesting to see how it does worldwide.


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