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VAMatt said:
Bandorr said:

Or just get one cheap during black-friday?  Why wait until some time in 2019 to get something that you can get soon for cheap (possibly cheaper) but will also have the feature of being able to watch movies or play physical games.

Or get a used/refurbished one if all you are playing on doing is playing two games?

Yeah, I could do that.  My wife would certainly prefer a smaller one in the bedroom though.

The point is that there is some value in a system not having a disk drive.

Yeah that wasn't really what I was questioning. I was wondering why people would turn in their physical collection for a digital one.

If you have a physical collection you have one for a reason. Most likely you also have an xbox one also to go with that collection.

Hadn't really considered the option of converting a physical collection to digital and getting multiple xboxes.  Certainly a possibility.

That may be their aim in-fact.

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