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Jumpin said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Are you serious? O_o

Link wants it

Nudity might be a bad idea in a Zelda game. Then again, Breath of The Wild had Link go into a bar. An ACTUAL bar, not a g-rated version like the Majora's Mask milk bar. One side quest even has Link get a Gerudo soldier home by telling her they're making her favorite drink, so she jumps up and runs right for Gerudo Town.

Maybe just partial nudity on certain male and female characters. EX:

A little blood wouldn't be so bad. Ocarina of Time had the bloodstained monster called Dead Hand, bloody spots and skeletons in the Bottom Of The Well and Shadow Temple, many monsters bleed when hit, and Ganondorf spit blood before he turned into Ganon, yet that game was rated E. Similar situation with Majora's Mask.