So a few hours ago, as I was scrolling through videos on YouTube, a Warframe video appeared in my recommended list, so I decided to give it a watch. Now, I know of Warframe, I watched my brother play it for a whole half hour or so when it first came out back in the day, but never really followed it or anything.

The videos I've been watching over the last few hours make it look super fun, I've heard it's also super grindy too, which is actually a plus for me, since I do enjoy grinding in games, but the main point is that it just looks fun, and I've been looking for a new online game to play, something that I can put dozens of hours into but at my own pace, and since it's free to play I'm not having to pay for anything which is great too.

My dilemma comes from what platform I should play it on, I mean my options are basically limited to two; PC or PS4 (Pro)

I'm assuming there's a (much) bigger playerbase on PC, and chatting with people will be so much easier thanks to keyboard, and they get new content first too (But people also say a LOT of bugs and glitches come with new content on PC, then they get ironed out, then it gets released on console), but looking at the gameplay I feel it would play much better with a PS4 controller and I'd be on a bigger screen and comfier seating too, lol. Also PS4 has trophies which are always nice. However, I have no idea what the playerbase is like on PS4, is it still alive and booming or is it dead now? I can get PC numbers up thanks to Steam (Although it can also be played without Steam so there's more than what it says), and it seems really active for the most part, but I think of the two platforms, unless it's absolutely dead and has a huge disadvantage, I'd much prefer playing on PS4.

If anyone here plays, or has played, which platform would you recommend I choose, and what do you play on yourselves? Also, I hear it's coming to Switch very soon so will anyone here be playing it on that too?