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Still the best game I ever played to this day but I would also pointed out some aspect they could add or change for the next game.

- Make Link's involvement into the story more actual than simply getting a few flashbacks, they're great but we certainly can get better.

- Add a bit of durability to all weapons in the game (Don't mind much if they keep it as it is.

- Having the same soothing soundtrack but with just a little bit more pep in some places, to be honest BOTW's soundtrack is fantastic when you actually ear it. It's just that you actually don't for 80 % of your playtime.

- Side quests that are more akin to affinity missions with some important characters (Like in Xenoblade's case).

- Put more enemies in the roster.

- Some themed dungeons, but not the traditional kind (like some are asking) cuz this would go against the philisophy the new games are about.

Pretty much it.

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