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John2290 said:
twintail said:

Why are you still bothering with this charade?

If you really need something to play just choose something that looks fun and play it I say

Because I do not want to give my money to support the horrible business practices of these companies which hurt my favourite hobby and the direction the idustry is taking nor do i want to ever be tempted by microtransactions again, they get to you when you are at your weakest and not thinking clearly at night, I wouldn't invite a 24 hour casino into my home so I won't invite these games. It may be a small drip in the pond but it's my money and I for one won't allow it to help destroy the industry, if these publishers are let we'd all only have mobile like, fee to play free to play models with no gameplay where we just click to earn experience and pay to earn it faster... well, that may have sounded craxy a decade ago but it's fast becoming a reality. 

Anyway, a kind user solved my problem. I'll just buy used from ebay and they won't see a penny. 

Dont take what I said the wrong way. I am merely commenting on the fact that if you want to boycott something then you should stick to it instead of trying to find justification not to do it. Then what is the point of the boycott in the first place?

And while 2nd had definitely prevents the companies getting your money you are nonetheless still saying its ok to have their games, and therefore their practices by association.