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BotW was a good foundation for upcoming Zelda games, but it fell short of perfection in my view. The next game ought to do the following:

- About 12-15 full-scale dungeons each with their own distinct theme and unique boss. The mini-shrines were interesting at first, but they became wearisome after a while, and the four Divine Beasts were too similar to each other thematically, as were the Blight Ganon bosses.

- An expanded bestiary. BotW has one of the most limited selection of monsters in the whole series. Seeing the same four or five common monster types gets kind of old after a while. Older games in the series had a ton of unique enemies, and the next Zelda likewise needs a bestiary to rival that of LttP, Ocarina, and Wind Waker.

- More weapons that are indestructible. The Master Sword being the only indestructible weapon in the game was a letdown. I go out of my way to get some rare, cool-looking sword only for it to break after two or three fights. That got really annoying after a while. I get weapons like sticks and clubs and low-level swords breaking, but there really should have been more unique, unbreakable weapons.


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