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John2290 said:

Seems like there is a drought of flat games on the way for me over the next while. All I can see coming is Mutant: Road to eden outside of VR which is looking bright enough. Just cause and Darksiders 3 are looking decent enough but they are much of the same, perhaps too soon from their predecessors or genre peers. Of course Red dead online will be on the way and hopefully that will grab me and supplement my VR play into the coming year. 

So help me out here, with such a possibility of vast swats of gameless game time would it be a so bad on my consumerism ... morals if I caved now? I hav'nt bought anything from Actiblizz, Ubisoft o EA since I bought Diablo 3 in late 2016. With so many games of theirs built up and now with Spryo reignited and Sekerio on the way, should I hold strong or give myself a loathsome pass and hand my money over to these devils, even if only part of the price goes through to them. 

I'll leave a poll that's pretty black qnd white but please do comment, should I hunker down and try and live through my boring ass life without games? Should I find something else? Should I cave and loose a small part of my soul and buy Spyro, the Diablo 3 DLC, Ass Creed Odessy/Origins, UFC3, Far cry 5, The division, Cod Blackout, Shadow of war, Need for speed paypack, South park Fractured but whole, Castlevania Symphony of the night? Preorder Sekerio and the like?

Or perhaps I'm over thinking what I'm missing out on and they are all shite at any rate?

Why are you still bothering with this charade?

If you really need something to play just choose something that looks fun and play it I say