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shikamaru317 said:

I don't really see any reason to boycott any publishers, it's not like they care about one lost sale. It would take a massive boycott effort to do any of them any serious damage, you're mainly just hurting yourself by missing out on any games that they publish that are good. Besides, you can find plenty of fault with any given publisher, it's not like the ones you listed are all that worse than the rest of the bunch (I'd even argue that Ubisoft is among the best publishers). In the end they are all greedy corporations who overcharge gamers and then keep the money for themselves instead of giving a decent amount to the developers who actually make the games.

This is pretty much what I was going to say lol... 

But yeah, boycotting a publisher is pretty insignificant unless there's a massive movement and enough people doing it that it actually hurts their sales... all you're doing by boycotting them is missing out on a whole bunch of games that you might actually enjoy if you played them, but because they have a label with a specific publisher's name, you're denying yourself the chance to even give them a try.