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Look, Breath of The Wild is amazing, no doubt about it, but there's still room for improvement in the next Zelda.

I'd be perfectly fine with the next one using the Breath of The Wild style of gameplay, but with some additions made from past Zelda games:

-Bring back the Hookshot, it made traveling gaps a lot of fun, and would be a great addition to the Sheikah Slate runes.

-Reintroduce much more classic Zelda monsters; Tektites, ReDeads, Bubbles, Dodongos, etc. Clearly there are ways to adapt them into the Breath of The Wild engine.

-The return of classic Zelda bosses like Gohma, Helmaroc King, Manhandla, etc. The Blight Ganons may have been challenging and threatening, but they were a repeat of the whole "You have to fight an extension of Ganon's will." theme.

-Allowing Link to travel underwater again, just to give them game even further depth.

-Keep the Master Cycle Zero in as something you can unlock and use after finishing all main dungeons.

-Speaking of which, have there be more than just 4 main dungeons before the final one, at least 6 or 7 of them like in past Zelda games.

Well, what are things you want done with the next Zelda? :)