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Zombie9ers said: 

I expect the PS5 to release in Spring / Fall of 2020 - so the launch lineup may include:

  • Death Stranding
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn Sequel
  • Last of Us:  Part II
  • FFVII Remake
  • Ghost of Tsushima
Some, if not all of these titles will probably be cross-gen with the PS4 - and hopefully PS5 is backwards compatible with all PS4 games.


If DS, TloU2, FF7 and GoT are cross gen games there is no way Horizon 2 even launches within launch window (first 6 months),

Sony is going to spread those games, especially at launch when it would be unnecessary to have so many games at the same time. 

Especially if all are cross gen, you probably wont even see another Sony game till after 6 months, which I somehow doubt. Taking into account 1st party, I think one of those 3 games is releasing next year and thus can be eliminated. hard to tell which of those is furthest along though. My guess is either Tsushima or Stranding make next year. And a SCEJA game makes launch.