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Not a good year for me. I usually do a top 5 albums but there weren't 5 good albums for me this year, so I'll go with top 4 songs instead:


4. Keep Shelly in Athens - Denial

One of my favourite discoveries in recent years, thanks to their tracks often showing up on my Spotify recommended list, is Keep Shelly in Athens, an indie/pop/rock/electronic duo with 'big' female vocals (think Florence + the Machine, but with a more electronic sound). They release tracks sporadically - seemingly at random - and one of the better ones from this year is Denial. It's not as good as some of their 2017 tracks but I've listened to it a fair bit over the course of the year nonetheless.

3. A Perfect Circle - The Doomed

From their new album, Eat the Elephant, which is no Mer de Noms but it's decent.

It's good to have APC back after a 15 year gap. Not sure the wait was worth it, but all of the tracks are at least ok-to-good.  This is one of the better songs - I like the dark lyrics, but as with most of the album it's a bit too slow-paced and not very powerful musically; there's no Judith or Magdalena on the album unfortunately.

2. A Perfect Circle - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

My favourite track from the new Perfect Circle album was actually the track that most fans thought was the worst one on the album - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. Fans didn't like the almost pop-rock sound, with an upbeat tempo and nostalgic-bordering-on-cheesy lyrics, but I've got quite an eclectic and unpredictable music taste, so I'm not opposed to bands exploring other genres.


1. Florence + the Machine - South London Forever

From Florence's worst album to date, and by quite some distance. 6 shit songs, 3 'ehhh, guess it's ok' songs, and 1 really good one. The good one is South London Forever, which is a beautifully nostalgic track.

Can't say I agree with the name though - fuck London, signed most of the rest of the UK :)

Last edited by Machina - on 11 November 2018