Nah, Nintendo will just continue to do it's own thing anyway and to be clearly honest, I'm kind of indifferent to this matter in the end since so few of my games are touched by this issue cuz of my single player focus experience (or manily my uses of online feature). I won't drown because I had to pay for 20 bucks with basic online features (I don't even have it right now actually ...). Voice chat ? I never used it before nor will I. Classic librairy ? It will grow out with time and we'll probably have SNES games added in a year or two.

But, just a reminder, that it is ok for people to wish for better things, there's nothing bad in doing so ... well, until you reach pure unreasonable entitlement for wanting an exact carbon copy of their competitiors while also paying 3x/4x less than they do.

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