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Nautilus said:
Im not gonna lie: I didnt like his work on FF XV, so I wont say I am sad by this news.Having said that, this was kind of nowhere.Tabata was just given a team, just started working on a new game, and to cap it off, they announced all this bad stuff on the stream, canceling FF XV DLCs left and right?Something is off.

My understanding is that none of this was planned when the stream was first announced last week. Yesterday, Square held an investor earnings conference call, and during it they revealed a $33m loss, Tabata resigned almost immediately afterward, and the remnants of the FFXV DLC team were quickly forced to scrap together the special announcement video where they announced that 3 of the 4 DLC were cancelled and that Tabata had left. Thing is, I hear that most of the $33m loss was due to the mobile division, not FFXV DLC development, so why did Tabata leave? He was responsible for FFXV pocket edition which might have been responsible for part of the $33m loss, but even still it seems odd. Like you said, they had only recently given him his own studio and made him head of Square Enix development division 2. There must have been more going on behind the scenes than we realize, maybe he was butting heads with Kitase and Hashimoto, who manage the FF franchise.