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o_O.Q said:
Hiku said:

At least the FBI will probably question her. They didn't even bother questioning the woman who credibly (GOP members and Trump's own words) accused Kavanaugh after taking and passing the most accurate type of polygraph, while Kavanaugh refused to do the same and opposed an FBI investigation every time he was asked.

Wouldn't be surprising if the real author of the Jane Doe letter was sincere.
That said, people who make false accusations need to be properly punished by the law.

" They didn't even bother questioning the woman who credibly (GOP members and Trump's own words) accused Kavanaugh after taking and passing the most accurate type of polygraph"

apparently ford lied about coaching for polygraph tests


i thought they were all credible btw? what happened to #believewomen?


", while Kavanaugh refused to do the same and opposed an FBI investigation every time he was asked."

he was investigated by the fbi numerous times previously

First of all, are you capable of commenting without generalizing people under positions they've never once held in their life?
It would be nice if you and people like yourself would refrain from constantly doing that, as it does nothing but waste the time of people having to defend themselves from a position they never held in the first place.

If you ever saw me say say something specific, call me out on it. If not, don't do this BS where you're assuming that everyone you talk to is of the same cookiecutter mindset you've convinced yourself of. It's incredibly toxic.

I've never once said "women are all credible". And not only because that's an idiotic statement. I've said "accusers should be heard."
But thanks for assuming otherwise.

As for the accusation you link to, that's an alleged former boyfriend that someone told the New York Times is a man named Brian Merrick. Get back to me when a man with that name comes forward, testifies under oath, or passes a polygraph test, which is what she did about Kavanaugh. Because a statement from someone who may or may not be who NYT's source thinks he is, is not the equivalent of a polygraph test and a testimony under oath. Especially when his story is contested by the person she supposedly helped.

What's your criteria for believing this alleged boyfriend? Because my criteria was pretty simple. Those who take and pass the most accurate type of polygraph, and those who ask for an FBI investigation look much more credible than those who refuse to take a polygraph (even after speaking very highly of them previously) and oppose an FBI investigation every time they're asked.

^Kavanaugh's words.

Not to mention him obviously committing perjury by claiming Devil's Triangle is a drinking game, among other things. And he's a judge. Who seemingly thinks it's ok to lie under oath. But it's ok to have a supreme court justice who doesn't give two shits about the oath? And it's not the first time he seemingly lied under oath, which is a criminal offense. Two other occasions were discovered in the hundreds of thousand pages of documents that the GOP didn't want Democrats to read until 15 hours before the hearing. And a criminal investigation into this was initiated in Washington, but as you know the GOP were not interested in waiting for the outcome of it, but decided to push him through as soon as possible as their candidate regardless of that.
And it was several GOP members own words that Ford was credible overall.

And regardless of previous FBI investigations, once she stepped forward with this allegation, took a polygraph, and other former classmates of his started talking about how they remember another woman claiming he pressed his junk in her face at a party, which sparked another investigation and accusation, Kavanaugh would always refer to "whatever the committee wants to do" whenever he was asked if the FBI should investigate these charges. And as was well known, the committee made it perfectly clear that they saw no need for an FBI investigation. If I were innocent I would beg for an FBI investigation. He instead chose to make himself look infinitely more suspicious in front of millions of Americans and people overseas.
And when asked to take the polygraph that he previously explained serve law enforcement to deem not only the credibility of witnesses, but also who is suited for critical law enforcement positions, both of which are relevant in this case, he suddenly doesn't want to and says they are unreliable.

Yeah that's not a bad look when your accuser passes the polygraph and asks for an investigation, and you do the opposite. Remove all the politics, and everyone would think the same.

As for Ford, it's possible she may not have been truthful about some details. Just like Kavanaugh seemingly lied about things like the meaning of certain words to appear to be different than he actually was, I can understand the reasoning behind that. But she is not a fedaral judge lying under oath. And when it comes to the events she described, which is that Kavanaugh pulled her into a room, turned up the music and covered her mouth while trying to remove her clothes, she passed the most accurate type of polygraph, according to the former FBI agent who administered it. That, along with calling for an FBI investigation weighs a lot more than dodging polygraphs and opposing an investigation.

Last edited by Hiku - on 05 November 2018