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Lastly Q&A: I am paraphrasing here I am not a good copywriter. Brackets are my comments

1. What happened to druids?
We are adding classes over time. Devs have votes, let's se what happens

2. How long has it been in development, how has it effected other Diablo projects?
Has been an idea for a long time since they have a long history of cooperation with NetEase.
(What a empty statement)

3. Timeframe of release?
When its done (TM)

4. Stuff about the Trailer?
Trailer is rendered with ingame assets in mobile but prerendered. Look at the demo.

5. Armor progression linear or part by part?
Like other games. Legendarys and Sets are in.

6. How deep are Skilltrees and stuff?
Still working that out.

7. There are mechanics in there that people would like to have in D3. Will they come over or will the game be ported?
No plans for ANY port. iOS and Android only. Not even PC planned.

8. How hard can the difficulty get?
No definitive answer yet but want to make it a true Diablo experience. Looking to make it challenging. Flexible difficulty planned. Demo is easy so everyone can achieve something but not representitive.

9. Hardcore mode in there?
(Needs to think long for that one) He is not sure whether mobile platforms are ready for something for that. ALso because of disconnects and stuff. But they like the high stakes. Hardcore itself unlikely but mechanics with more stakes.

10. Is this an Aprils fools joke? (that guy is mad :D Audience liked that one)
No its not. Maybe something they learned from the mobile game can improve the existing games.

11. Last one: Why is it coming to moblile?
We always want more people to play (and pay) for our game. Phones can do so much more nowadays. (Not mine) Unused potential and stuff.

Another panel 5:45 tomorrow. Lore&World panel. And Skills.

And its over.