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For those unaware, a recent policy change at Sony, within the last year, has seen a push against Japanese games with sexual content. It started with them trying to force censoring into Japanese games that were planned to be released in the west, such as Omega Labyrinth Z and Senran Kagura: Burst Renewal, forcing those devs to either delay western releases in order to make changes that satisfied Sony, or to cancel their planned western release because the changes made the localization process too expensive, or because the devs didn't want to compromise their artistic vision in order to satisfy Sony's whims. Now it seems to have gotten worse, Sony is apparently now forcing all Japanese devs to have their games go through a 2nd, western content inspection, in addition to the Japanese CERO ratings board content inspection, even for games that are not intended to be released in the west. 


Translations of some comments from Japanese gamers about this news, from ResetEra:

"I guess this means the next Nier will have to have an old man protagonist like in Gestalt or they won't be able to release it on PS"
"Sony's not a Japanese company anymore just America's dog."
"It became a shitty foreign system and now it's over for it."
"Seriously? Sony, you are the worst. Run towards Nintendo!"
"Just put parental controls on and don't restrict games intended for adults."
"The era of the Switch has arrived!"
"Sony is a cheap ass violent games enterprise now. They have no pride as a brand?"
おーい ゴキブリは硬派だから女キャラは全員ブサイクでもいいってさー性欲関係ないってw
"Hey! Roaches are tough. So,they are cool to have all of their female characters be so plain and ugly. Not like it has anything to do with any urges they have. lulz"
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