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quickrick said:
Ryng_Tolu said:

Alright this is just something i never said lol

Don't worry yes, i overestimated Switch 2018 sales it's silly to say i didn't, but i just didn't expect the line up of the year to be so weak, besides after all i was expecting 20 million switch this year and i still expect very close results to that, but anyway, back to the argument, i saw what are your predictions for Smash Ultimate, and well just wait 43 days to see how close they're gonna be.

switch 2.4 million for the holidays, and smash 2.2 million for December.

That's what I like to see. Risky predictions in both directions. Keep fighting, guys!

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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