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COMG Preorder Ratios

Soul Calibur 6 - PS4 - 1:1046
Crystar - PS4 - 1:655
Dark Souls Remastered - NS - 1:862

For bigger games the 1:1000 estimate still good. Crystar was barely in the top20 of COMG and had 16 pts.


COMG Weekly ratios

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - PS4 - 1:402
Soul Calibur 6 - PS4 - 1:437
Super Mario Party - NS - 1:957
Dark Souls Remastered - NS - 1:431
Crystar - PS4 - 1:403
Musou Orochi 3 - PS4 - 1:491
Minecraft - NS - 1:694

Only games that are over 10pts. So the 1:600 trend of past weeks is currently not holding. COMG likes Sony more that we know already.
For anyone that wants to know why I am doing this: COMG releases a weekly chart every sunday and I want to use that to predict MC sales.
It was right, that software overall this week would be very low, lower than last week and that is indeed the case. Labo is the tail end of the top 20 with less than 2500 units sold.