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bananaking21 said:
Nintendo is a publisher. They have many development teams working on different games. Stating Nintendo as a publisher would be like stating Ubisoft as one.

Nintendo here is shorthand for EPD, which includes EAD and SPD, since they were merged into EPD.

To others complaining about Nintendo:

This was always going to be the most one-sided round, since it features the no.1 seed against lower and unseeded devs. That's just the nature of tournaments with seeding. Other rounds won't be so lop-sided.

I'm not removing Nintendo from the tournament (imagine the rage). I did consider including Nintendo's individual divisions over the years instead, but it's one damn complex maze of dev teams that would probably take up more than 12 entries from SPD and EAD alone.

Last edited by Machina - on 23 October 2018