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It definitely has Ubisoft signatured Open-World feel everyone mentions about their games but since I never play them, this mean it probably won't get stale on me. At least, it didn't for the first 3 planets (Kirite,Haven, Solvanus) I completed more or so.

Done the first 2 missions of the Star Fox side story and yup they definitely nailed the banter between characters. Also I don't know if they just felted like it but I think they went apeshit with Falco sarcasm. (Nice remix of Corneria SNES's theme too)

And to be honest, the Starlink crew is pretty decent as well. It's just sad that they're not themselves being more pro-active in the story than just the cutscenes only cuz technically you're pretty much left alone to do all the job.

Overall so far, it definitely lives up to what I hoped.

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