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chakkra said:
Marth said:

Just look at Machina's Profile

There is a problem with the last chart and he can't continue until it's fixed.

Isn't it possible to temporarily post it on a thread? I mean, just the numbers for the week, with no totals.

My apologies if this is asking too much, I have literally no idea of how much work could go into doing this.

I am not really an official spokesperson for that matter but here is the process as far as I know:

Machina get's retailer data puts it into the algorithm and the website then calculates the data. Then hecan make some adjustments and once the chart is finalized it automatically gets published on the website. As far as I know there is no intermediate step where Machina can catch the data without publishing it.

As I said that is how far I understand it but better write him if you want an official source.