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flashfire926 said:
If this says anything, it is that physical games are dwindling away by the day. I fully expect the PS5 and Xbox 2 to be the last consoles with a disk drive.

Digital is the future, face it.

I'll face it when internet providers decide to remove all data caps, console manufacturers give us consoles with big enough hard drives to go digital only from the get-go, and the price of digital games on consoles manage to be competitive and actually budge from the ludicrous asking prices. I can buy a retail PS4 game for £35-40 day one, or the same game for £50-55 digitally... the only advantage I have buying the digital copy is that I can preload it or something beforehand, but then that requires a decent enough internet with no limitations. 

Digital only may be the future, but I still see it being a distant future otherwise gaming is going to become a LOT more expensive.