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DrDoomz said:
SpokenTruth said:

1. Are you saying south Americans were not Native Americans?


Cherokee aren’t South Americans though, isn’t that what she claimed her heritage was?

Would that really make a difference whether it were Cherokee or Andean?  While she said her family talked of Cherokee heritage, her main point was Native American heritage.

That said, if her family had talked to her of their heritage, what exactly is supposed to say when asked about it?  No?  All she has ever stated was that her family spoke of it.  She never claimed Cherokee citizenship nor listed Native American on any enrollment, registration or employment documents. 


Further, Trump said "Indian".  He never said Cherokee.

"We will take that little [DNA] kit, but we have to do it gently. Because we’re in the #MeToo generation so we have to be very gentle. And we will very gently take that kit and we will slowly toss it, hoping it doesn’t injure her arm even though it only weighs probably two ounces. And we will say: I will give you a million dollars, paid for by Trump, to your favorite charity, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian."

Last edited by SpokenTruth - on 17 October 2018

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