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forevercloud3000 said:
dx11332sega said:

Can't forget Nintendo :) Yeah, I wonder why Sony is left out ? Maybe PSnow is not good enough since its 720p? while Microsoft streaming might reach 4k or higher?

An article I was just looking at even mentions Nintendo's very limited stint in Game streaming(saying how Switch beat MS to the punch) before mentioning the 5 year old Streaming Service on Playstation. I was reading it like ".....What?!"

Aspect ratios really stop making sense to dote on when dealing with streaming to portable devices. There is a threshold of good enough because you can only get certain quality at that distance. I mean do you care about streaming at 1080p/4K ?

IDK? But, I heard Assassins creed on Switch has more colors than PS4 base. While PSnow looks worse than base PS4, NIntendo streaming service is Amazing I hear and lesser lag than PSNow running PS3 games While Switch runs smoother ? Maybe its Japans servers ? Would be more accurate If we can tell  how American servers run Assassins Creed compared to PSNow american servers for something like Bloodborne?

I game on all consoles and PC