I can't believe the mainstream lefist media are making this into a bad thing. I thought it was hyperbole when people say democrats in the US treat black people as their slaves politically but seeing the reaction to this and how racist they have exposed themselves I think it might have some semblance of being true. They seem to tokenize blacks for votes and to rally their own agendas and a black man meeting with Trump and wearing a MAGA hat seems to terrify them. I've seen nothing but racism from the left being thrown at Kanye over the last few days with only right wing people being the only sane voices. Now it's clear to be where and why racism is being kept alive and it's not the right. What I've seen on CNN the last 48 hours scares the fuck out of me. I hope this is a wake up call that unless the divisiveness stops we'll still be dealing with racism generations from now. Kanye has balls of steal to stand up for what he believes, use his influence to make change he sees as positoves and help out some people who were screwed over by the justice system and it's shameful the left are trying to tare him down loke a slave who stepped out of line. I'm ashamed to be on this earth with people who still act this way three generations strong post the civil rights movement.


China Numba wan!!