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potato_hamster said:

Smartphones obviously aren't niche because they're higher end than a flip phone, but wireless VR is more niche because it's a high cost for an added benefit that many aren't willing to pay for - like Ferraris. Not many people are willing to pay for VR as it is, why would they be willing to pay for VR that's wireless. Wouldn't it be better to work on options that minimize the number of wires a VR headset requires, and come up with solutions to minimize the impact of a tethered solution than invest in an enhancement to VR that doesn't address many of VR's dominant issues?

Wireless VR is more convenient.  We have had a few people in this very thread complaining about wires.  And there are plenty of people who are waiting for wireless VR.  

Convenience is a big issue with VR.  

potato_hamster said:

So HTC Vive games are playable on Oculus Rift and vice versa? That sounds like news to me. That's probably because it is news. From May:

"There’s not as many headsets out there as we thought there might be a couple of years ago,” Conte noted. “It’s growing, and it’s actually growing at a pretty decent pace, but every decision that you make you should be thinking about: How does this get my title into the most users’ hands as possible?"

There has been an easy work around to play Oculus games on the Vive for at least the past year and a half.  

The few Oculus Rift "exclusives" were still playable on the Vive.  

potato_hamster said:  

But even if it is, it doesn't mean that the PSVR is going to be even a $100 accessory in 10 years time, if they're still being sold. Much like the WIi U, I suspect the cost of manufacturing a PSVR isn't something that lends itself to significant decreases to its Bill of Materials.

The cost of screens is the most expensive part of the headset.  That is a big part that is decreasing in price.  It's already been sold at $200.  

potato_hamster said:

I also think I have a pretty good idea of what people think of VR. Most of what I've heard is something along the lines of "Woah that's awesome! Where can I get one, and how much? A PSVR costs $300? It's cool, but not $300 cool."

You mean people aren't buying the headset because of the price?  Who'd a thunk.  

It's almost like I've been saying that's one of the biggest issues the system has, in nearly every post I've made.  

potato_hamster said:

Did you just try to argue that a console's game's library (or lack of one) is a marketing issue? 

No I did not.  Awareness of a console's game library is a marketing issue.