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John2290 said:
Kyuu said:

This is probably the first reason I'll never consider getting a 1st gen PSVR. It looks cumbersome with cables coming in and out, and chunks of plastic all over the place! That's the last thing that I want in my room.

Not even close. I've PSVR mk2 and there is one cable from my TV stand to beside my couch to my psvr that slips neatly into it's sturdy and pretty little white box that it came with. My moves slip in the box underneath of it and all other cables are kept behind my ps4 10 or a bit feet away. Sometimes, I just nudge my PSVR box over behind my TV stand but the need is rare as the cable is strong and trails along the floor in a straight line. I've moved the thing and brought it with me traveling at least half a dozen times this year and its been no less hassle than my ps4 itself, albiet identical HDMI cable can cause an annoyance but that's not confined to VR. It's exactly the same as if you were to hook up a high quality headset to your TV for better audio, infact less so because the cables a aren't this high quality with strength and flexibility being top notch, it rarely twists or tangles and you need to buy a stand for a HS but PSVR comes with the 'designer' box. 

People who say tjis is a hassle either have mk1, are already juggling wirse like headsets or maybe they're lazy/OCD prone. I'm both of the latter and i feared cables too with all the talk however it was never an issue and became less so than even a ps4 controllers charging needs. The camera always slips ontop of my TV and after figuring out it's proper orientation I haven't needed to adjust it since spring and I've moved it multiple times since then. 

Many games are best played on a swivel chair, I'd worry more about being able to easily pull one in front of your tv within 12-6 feet. That is the biggest annoyance if you can even call it one. I'll also moving to a slightly smaller place in November and had a chance to setup up there just recently as I stayed to fix it up a few weeks and everything worked flawlessly with no issues. No more cumbersome as moving the PS4 itself. 

The thing is I'm growing more and more minimalistic as time goes. Long gone are the days where I stack multiple platforms on top of one another and play like my life depends on it. I have a synth, and a digital piano which I use as a table to place my TV on and save some space. There is already plenty more cables and objects in my limited space (in the living room too) than I'd like to have, so just looking at the picture below breaks the deal:

That's the shit from nightmares! I know you can invent ways to hide, organize and clean up this mess but it just isn't something I can see myself living with. Because yes, I'm weird; I realize that it isn't as bad as I'm making it out to be lol.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 10 October 2018