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(Thought about putting this in general discussion, but went with politics so people can come in with a slight idea of what it's about.)

I don't wanna go too in-depth over the reasons because it'd only make things worse - after all, they are what saddened me in the first place. I live in Brazil, and if you know anything about what's going on in Brazil, well, basically we are on the verge of electing a fascist as president. He's racist, homophobic, sexist, highly religious, well, you know... all the usual stuff. Furthermore, he wants to legalize gun ownership in Brazil, and promotes violence constantly. He has quite some following, and in recent days they've done all sorts of awful shit, from killing someone's dog because "it barked too much" or killing an actual person for simply stating they prefer another candidate.

Today, I went to college. It was the first time I went someplace since before the elections happened (I'm not actually Brazilian, so I don't vote), and because I live in the middle of nowhere, I was pretty much distanced from everything while here. Being in society again was... frightening. Walking in the streets had me nervous, knowing that most passersby likely voted in that abomination (he had 62% votes in my town), and throughout the afternoon I felt strange, nervous and afraid, even though nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened. After class, though, I heard that, in a different campus of my own university, a student was attacked and gravely injured by this guy's followers. Turns out I'm not afraid of nothing (take the double negative here as a proper intended double negative).

Anyways... This is probably the first time in my life I've ever been truly depressed. I can't cheer up, I can't feel good about anything, I can't ease my consciousness with anything, in fact I can barely sleep some nights. It's been a few days and I continue to feel horrible. I'm terrified of what this country has become, terrified of the rampant fascism everywhere and even more terrified of the future. Furthermore, I'm also terrified about this seemingly being a somewhat global tendency, with countries like the USA, UK, Poland and more following similar political trends. People can think of nothing but violence and hate these days... Peace and love are seemingly dead last in everyone's priorities.

I don't know what I'll do, if anything. If this dude does get elected, surely I must find a way out of this country, but I'm not sure anywhere else is future-proof either. Maybe this truly is the start of a new dark age...

In lighter thoughts, don't worry, I'm not gonna do the whole "leaving VGC" thing. If anything, VGC is one of the few stress reliefs I can have at the moment, and it can be even more important with the greatest games event coming up. I just need to clear my mind at the moment.