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As some of you may have noticed, I've almost by default become the front-page poll admin. I've got a nice long list of for the most part one-off polls I intend to run, but I'd like to also have a long-running tournament-style series of polls that culminate in a winner each year.

I was trying to think of what topic would be good to use for such a format. Game of the year is out of the question because we already have a GotY process in place. I considered a 'best cancelled' game series (and even did a bunch of background research and came up with a long-list), but I ultimately think that's a bit niche. No, I think the best one to start us off will be a favourite developer tournament. Not exactly original, but when other sites have done it it seems to work out alright, so we'll give it a try.

So the first stage will be coming up with a nice long list of developers that'll compete in the tournament. That's what this thread is for.

So, tl;dr:

Please list the developers that you want to see included in a 'Favourite Developer of All-Time' tournament that'll run on the front page. Let's say a limit of 20 per person for now. No need to list them in order or anything like that - I just want to collect the names of the major developers to include in the tournament and make sure I don't miss any major ones out. You can list defunct developers.

Last edited by Machina - on 09 October 2018