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To be honest, I think this medium will definitely need some groundbreaking advancements in game mechanics (as far as interactions with characters, environments and story go) if we'll ever want VR to take off like Nintendo has done for the video game industry back then.

I mean (at a risk to sound horribly cliché) we need a "SAO" type of game with a VR headgear capable of total immersion.

Right now, it feels like we're in it's infancy still. Drawing further comparaison with the early video game industry,

I could easily compare the Virtual Boy to the first machine which played pong.

Now we're kinda like in the 2nd Gen era with all these dev./pub./compagnies flocking the market with different headsets and games that still doesn't elevate the medium to much.

Yeah we need a revolution. *Instant reminder of Iwata's Wii reveal* *cries*

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