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I don't own a headset, and for the most part I'm still in the "No" camp, as in I don't see myself getting one, but there's been some game releases that have tempted me more than a few times, I just have my worries about space, sound, wires etc. not to mention the price, I think even with a good Black Friday sale the price would still be too high for me to buy into it, but maybe if I get to experience it myself it'll change my mind on it. I love the fact that Dreams will be fully playable in VR, I can imagine some really cool levels/games being made, and I think that game will become a "big" draw for the VR audience too, but again, with how expensive the headsets are, and with new models seemingly coming out every year (PSVR is on its second headset already, right?) making me feel like my purchase will become inferior before I get any worth out of it, I don't know if it's for me yet.

TL;DR No I don't have VR, I'm sort of interested and have considered it a few times, but don't think I'll be biting yet unless I can actually try it beforehand and see if it's for me.