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contestgamer said:
If you live in the west then the effects of climate change are unlikely to be felt in your life time. I wouldnt worry about it or waste my 'energy' trying to save energy.

But I don't wanna be responsible for the next generation being screwed over.

SuaveSocialist said:
Atmospheric Carbon is the primary regulator of Earth’s average temperature. Reforestation would allow more to be filtered out of the atmosphere, but emissions would still need to decrease to ensure a net loss of atmospheric carbon. Responsible leaders who accept the conclusions of peer-reviewed scientific papers as outlined in scientific literature will be necessary. The Left has a near-monopoly on the right people and the right ideas to do what needs to be done.

This is why I miss Obama. -_-

thismeintiel said:
Amnesia said:

Nothing and just relax. Every winter are announced as exceptionnal, like summers.

If we have a too cold winter --> it is because of the climate change

If we have a too sweat winter --> it is because of the climate change

If we have a too cold summer --> it is because of the climate change

If we have a too warm summer --> it is because of the climate change


Believe me if you just stop to think about it you will have plenty of new freetime in your mind and less stress. We have no influence on the climate as individual citizens.

Yes I don't believe at all into global warming, like Trump.

Get with the times. It was global cooling, but then it started warming. Then, it was global warming, but then we had a pause. Now, it's climate change. So no matter what it does, they are right and we need to give them tons of power and money to fix the problem. 

You can't be serious. -_-

OhNoYouDont said:
CaptainExplosion said:

I know it's probably just a dream at this point, especially with idiotic decisions by, ahem, a certain Western superpower since 2016, but it's still a nice thought to have.

Are there ways, any at all, to reverse climate change? Would it help if we planted new forests, reduced our garbage output, used more renewable energy sources, invested further into water bottles and re-hydration stations, etc?

I try my hardest to help out, I'm even trying to use lights that are more energy efficient. What else can we do?

That actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

SvennoJ said:
Volcanic ashes cool down the earth. A couple of nukes can set off the big one. Big problem, big solution!

If you're not going to take my concerns seriously then get out.