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I'm gonna have to look into where these documents come from. If her lawyer corroborates that they are accurate, then it's pretty certainly true then.
I'm skeptical until I see that source though. Especially because he wouldn't have any reason to admit that "she said no and stop many times". Unless she recorded it. 
There's a small chance he said that because it was part of their agreement to keep her quiet and give her the hush money, but that seems very unlikely.

TheBird said: 
jason1637 said: 

I put this in the OP. 

He admitted to raping her. 

From what I just read, she said yes, which is consent. Not rape.

" but she made herself available.", even though she didn't want to, she MADE herself available by saying yes. They won't say she said yes, bu she did say yes. Regret the next day is not rape, she could of opted out halfway through, but she didn't. Not rape.

This #MeToo movement is the most toxic thing to happen in society in forever.

Where did you read that she said yes? It says that she said "no and stop several times". Made "herself available" could mean she got undressed, among other things.

Being available to be fucked is not  'saying yes'. People misconstruing consent like you just did is one of the biggest reasons for the MeTwo movement...

Last edited by Hiku - on 05 October 2018