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LivingMetal said:
SpokenTruth said:

She came out with to her therapist years ago.  She also stayed private with it to the Senate until the Senate made it public.  She didn't make the allegations to the whole world and wanted to stay confidential for the whole matter.  It was the Senate that took it all public. 

Her name was leaked to the public (early September).  THEN the Senate whet public with it.  If Feinstein had brought this up when she first found out (late July), both parties would have tackled this privately before the leak happened.

True, buy my points were that she didn't take it public, the Senate did.   Leak or not, it was still not Ford that took it public as Contestgamer is claiming.  He claims she was being "vindictiveness and malintent" and he says "her going public instead of privately to authorities speaks negatively of her" but as we know she didn't go public.

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